Hurricane Preparedness Information

August 27, 2019

As we approach the one year anniversary of Hurricane Florence, it might be a good idea to think about your insurance coverage, but more importantly, how you can take steps to prevent your property from being damaged in the next storm. The months of August and September are historically the most active months of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. If there is a hurricane coming, it might be too late to start devising your emergency plan. Whether you do or do not have a plan in place, now is the time to review your plan or start thinking of one. Take a look at the links below that will give you some insight on what to do to prepare for hurricanes. 

While we can't prevent hurricanes from coming, we can take steps to minimize the damage. A good way to prevent damage is to consider any deferred maintenance around your home. That could mean getting shingles repaired, fixing a leak in the roof, or cleaning gutters. Another good tip is to trim or remove low-lying tree branches that hang over your roof. Most times, those low lying branches are the first things to go in hurricane-force winds. 

If you do have damage, first and foremost is to make sure conditions are safe to go outside and assess the damages. Assuming conditions are safe, it is paramount that you take necessary steps to mitigate any damages. That could mean putting a tarp on your roof or moving personal property from a flooded portion of your home. Other than paying premium, preventing further damage is the most important obligation a policyholder has. Additionally, it is always a good idea to take photos of any damages. Again, make sure conditions are safe. We can replace property but we can't replace people.

Another thing to consider is your insurance coverage. Once a storm is within a certain longitude and latitude from Eastern NC, insurance carriers forbid agents to place any coverage until the storm has passed. With that in mind, we urge you not to wait until it is too late to place insurance on your property. Additionally, it is never a bad idea to sit down with one of our agents and do an insurance "check up". Our team of dedicated professionals will gladly review the coverages and deductibles that will come into play when a hurricane strikes. If you do need to file a claim during or after a hurricane, our office will be open as soon as it is safe to get here. If it is an emergency, we urge our clients to call our cell phones. 

We hope there is never another storm like Florence, but if there is, we'll be there for our customers just like we were before!

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